David Bell’s career as a professional artist spans over forty years. As a child he spent many hours in his family’s pottery studio, where his mother worked as a full time ceramic artist. He began his working life in theatre stage management and props making before moving on to ‘Mothers Art Productions’ in Melbourne, and then to freelance work in film and television as a senior props maker, set decorator and art director. This commercial art background taught David how to use diverse materials and methods in reaching a result.

David’s large public artworks are on show in several cities including Melbourne including Raising the Rattler Pole on the corner of Flinders and Spencer St and The Nest, located in Darebin Parklands.

As a writer, photographer and illustrator David authored three published books including ‘Spirit of Nature’ (1st prize, Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Award).

Since moving to Gippsland he has worked on several placemaking and community art projects in the local area as a mentor, designer and consultant,. He has also displayed his visual art work in five solo and two group exhibitions in regional galleries.

Artist’s statement

I play with layers of near and far, and of spaces in-between.

I don’t distinguish myself as the outside observer.

Boundaries blur, and time becomes fluid.

Dreams flicker.

Phillip Island Contemporary Exhibition Space (PICES) 2023 Pop Up Art Show (group exhibition)